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38 Elements Hair Analysis with Interpretation
38 Elements Hair Analysis with Interpretation
38 P-2I
Price: $200.00

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-RECOMMENDED!- All Tests Include Mercury! Tested in ppb (Parts Per Billion) / Once your order has been placed you are immediately eligible for a 20% discount on any of our high quality Pure Encapsulations supplements, our ApoE Alzheimer's / Atherosclerosis tests & additional hair analysis testing!
Our Quality
Quality Assurance:
At Graceful Earth Inc. our full service medical labs has been in operation for over 30years. The analytical equpment used is Inductive Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)and ICP-Optical(or Atomic) Emission Spectroscopy(ICP-OES).


Labs are certified to perform elemental analysis on biological samples.


CLIA # 36DO339322
CLIA # 14D0646470
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)
Congress passed the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) in 1988 establishing quality standards for all laboratory testing to ensure the accuracy, reliability and timeliness of patient test results regardless of where the test was performed. 
A laboratory is defined as any facility which performs laboratory testing on  specimens derived from humans for the purpose of providing information for the diagnosis,prevention, treatment of disease, or impairment of, or assessment of health.
Medicare # KI 3681641

Lab's Quality Assurance

Lab follows standard operating procedures and adheres to a Quality Assurance Plan
Laboratory procedures follow CLIA and US EPA guidelines
Participates in College of American Pathology audits
All data is kept for inspection for 2 years
Employs toxic metal limits in blood and urine as set by the Centers for Disease Control
Instrument accuracy and precision are evaluated and maintained by analyzing certified standards and reference materials as well as in-house standards.
Personnel have pertinent education, and pass demonstrations of capability. Lab staff includes doctors of chemistry, medicine and nutrition.
All test results are considered confidential.
High Mercury (Hg) - Shark, Tuna, Bonito, Whale and Swordfish have been found to be high in mercury. Also farmed raised fish have been found to contain higher mercury levels than wild or wild crafted fish. A mutual antagonism exists between Hg and Se (selenium). Mercury often affects the liver & kidneys and has been associated with many neurological as well as behavioral disorders. The symptoms associated with mercury poisoning are multi faceted. "MIcronutrients in Agriculture" has documented low selenium content soils by state which directly coincides with the rate of Cancer by state as well.
Some of this information is described in our two new Dental / Mercury books.

DENTAL FILLINGS (Re. silver amalgams) contain nickel and over 50% mercury.

Hg is found in breads / grains and vaccinations (thimerisal, added as a preservative to kill bacteria).
Fungicides / pesticides are another source of Hg.
Mercury toxicity has been associated with Heart Disease (CardioMyopathy / Keshan's Disease), Cancer and Alzheimer's disease. Our "APO E" genome test will help determine if you have a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer's disease.(Alzheimer's Page) A follow up hair analysis will help determine if heavy metals such as mercury accumulation could pose an Alzheimer's threat to those people who are genetically pre-disposed.
Mercury does not show up well in blood or urine samples. This is one reason why hair analysis is used in Forensic medicine.
Alfalfa, garlic, onions & cilantro contain valuable nutrients which may help the body to eliminate toxins such as heavy metals.
Broil fish to remove the fat where most of the Mercury is stored while maintaining the beneficial alkylglycerols. Eat fish in moderation.
Extra fiber (oat bran and pectin from apples) aids in removing toxic metals from the body. Always take supplemental fiber apart from other supplements and medications.
A water and shower filter may be indicated depending on your water source.

Hair analysis has revealed toxicity over very long periods of time.  Beethoven and  Napoleon, are just a couple of examples.   
BBC News | EUROPE | Napoleon 'may have been poisoned'

.. The level of arsenic found in Napoleon's hair is higher than seven to 38 times
normal amounts and is an unmistakable sign of poisoning.

Forensic Testing On Beethoven's Hair, Russell Martin, bestseller

Beethoven's Hair examines the cause of Beethoven's many illnesses...
...strongly indicated that Beethoven suffered from plumbism (lead poisoning) throughout much of his adult life, dramatic lead toxicity that likely caused his life-long illnesses, impacted his personality, and contributed to his death.
Preliminary results for 22 elements and 38 elements analysis can be made available earlier via FAX or Email upon special request.
The more information that you provide to us the more customized your report can be. All information is strictly confidential.
After a hair analysis kit has been sent any cancellations thereafter can be refunded with the return of the kit to Graceful Earth Inc. and will be subject to a $5.00 cancellation fee.

Once you receive the kit, mail in your hair specimen, and with in   2-4 weeks you will receive the results.

NOTE: All bold fields are mandatory to process your order.
Completion of the non-mandatory fields is important for a thorough and more accurate interpretation from the laboratory.
Once your order has been placed you are immediately eligible for preferred customer discounts on our high quality supplements, additional hair analysis and the Alzheimer's / Atherosclerosis gene saliva testing! Call 1-877-697-7300 (toll free) for details!
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