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Are You Spending Too Much On Bottled Water?
What about Bottled Water?
There is  a perception that bottled water is "safer then tap water", however the standard for bottled water established by the Food and Drug Administration, are very similar to the standards, set by the USEPA, for tap water. In fact, about 25% of bottled water is actually tap water that has been processed and repackaged. Bottled water is expensive; according to Consumer Reports, bottle-water price average about 89cents for a one-gallon bottle. At that rate, 750 gallons of bottled water would cost $667.50. Filtering your own water with a drinking water system is certainly a more economical solution.
Our Water Filter VS Bottled Water Costs
per gallon
Our Water Filter 7¢per gal.
Pitchers/Carafes 20¢per gal.
Water Vending Machine 25¢per gal.
Home Delivered Bottled Water $1.74per gal.
Domestic "Purified"Bottled Water $2.23per gal.
Imported Bottled Water $3.84per gal.
Costs are averaged, based on several different brands of bottled water.
*Complete cost comparison analysis available on request.
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