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Pet Hair Analysis

Essential Elements for Animal Health
Animal Hair Mineral Analysis

Your Animal's Health
Two main reasons animals will become ill are problems in its environment and /or diet. We often take for granted that the environment and foods we provide are adequate. In fact,many animal disorders can be traced to dietary, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, and /or environmental conditions that expose them to toxic contaminants which accumulate in animal tissue.
Minerals are Essential
Like humans, animals eat not only to get the energy they need, but also to support enzyme, muscle, hormonal, brain and other functions. Therefore, foods must provide "quality fuel" in the or of vitamins and minerals that will optimize health and growth.

Essential minerals or macro elements are needed to sustain the life of your animal. Minerals such as calcium. magnesium and Phosphorus are needed for growth and to maintain healthy bone structure.
The essential trace elements are needed in lesser quantities, but are equally important. For instance, zinc deficiency retards growth, sexual development, and hormonal function. It also causes skin and hair (fur) problems. Hair mineral analysis identifies deficiencies long before your pet becomes seriously ill. Test results allow proper correction through mineral supplementation or dietary changes, improving animal health.                             
Toxic Elements
Toxic elements are potentially present in food, water and the animal's environment. Long-term exposure to small amounts can result in tissue accumulation, which is rarely diagnosed through blood or urine analysis. These chronic exposures to toxic elements can come from seemingly innocent places-water and food bowls, the air and even the paint on an old doghouse. Over time, toxic elements of pets, displacing important essential elements. These imbalances inhibit metabolic functions, create organ stress and cause a variety of health problems. Visible signs of toxic element exposure may take some time to manifest; therefore early detection is essential.
Hair mineral analysis is an ideal test to identify the animal's toxic burden long before serious cell damage occurs.

Animal Hair Profile-22 Elements Panel
Nutrient Elements
Calcium Lithium Selenium
Chromium Magnesium Sodium
Cobalt Manganese Vanadium
Copper Molybdenum Zinc
Germanium Phosphorus
Iron Potassium
Toxic Elements
Aluminum Cadmium Lead
Arsenic Mercury Nickel
Animal Hair Profile 2-Plus 16 Elements
Antimony Silver
Bismuth Thallium
Strontium Thorium
Sulfur Tin
Varium Uranium
Titanium Zirconium
Animal Hair Profile-57 Elements Panel
Elements Calcium Magnesium Chromium Cobalt
Copper Iodine Iron Manganese Molybdenum
Selenium Vanadium Zinc Boron Germanium
Lithium Rubidium Strontium
Toxic Elements Aluminum Antimony Arsenic Barium
Beryllium Bismuth Cadmium Cerium Cesium
Dysprosium Erbium Europium Gallium Hafnium
Lanthanum Lead Lutetium Mercury Neodymium
Nickel Niobium Palladium Platinum Praseodymium
Rhenium Rhodium Ruthenium Samarium Silver
Tantalum Tellurium Thallium Thorium Thullium
Tin Titanium Tungsten Uranium Ytterbium
*These tests are not available to New York Pets.
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