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Dry skin

Hair loss problems


Brittle hair problems

Itchy skin, allegies

Red irritated eyes
If you are experiencing even one of these symptoms then you may benefit from 
one of our shower filters.


Iron Oxides


Hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell)
You will

See healthier-looking skin & hair

Feel smooth skin like a baby

Get back natural hair shine

Look great and feel better
Chlorine is universally used to disinfect water, killing bacteria and other microorganisms.  But once it arrives in your home, chlorine can negatively affect you family's long-term health, comfort and even personal appearance.  Our Shower Filters with patented Chlorgon non-carbon media - outperform other filters for chlorine removal in hot shower conditions.  The world leader in shower filtration technology for 15 years, they have earned more than 18 U.S. and international patents.

For Softer Hair and Smoother Skin
Millions own water filters to remove chlorine from drinking water.  But 50% of chlorine exposure occurs in the shower.  Unfiltered shower water can double their exposure to chlorine by absorption through the skin and by inhalation of chlorine vapors.  Our filters remove chlorine for softer hair and smoother skin.  Now you can fight brittle hair, dry skin and dandruff - where health and beauty begin - right in your shower.
Breathe easier
Chlorine vaporizes in hot shower water and, when inhaled in the lungs, is transferred into the blood stream.  Scientific studies have linked chlorinated water to potentially harmful by-products that can, over time, contribute to such health-threatening conditions as cancer of the bladder, liver, stomach and colon.  Heart disease, high blood pressure and allergies have also been linked with chlorine.  Our Shower Filtration helps reduce these risks - so you can breathe.
For Today's Healthy Home
Shower filtration is a logical addition for people concerned about home environmental issues including the quality of water and air in their homes.  Help protect your home's personal environment and entire family with a filter in every shower.

All Shower Filters are shipped UPS and therefore require a street mailing address for delivery. UPS does not deliver to P.O. Boxes.
Offers best shower filters. Shower Filter removes more harmful chlorine
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